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Responsibility for savings and investment has shifted to the individual, and individuals want solutions that address their personal needs. Netflix gives subscribers power over choice and time; Apple gives iPhone and iPad users control over information's form and function. The investment industry has not kept pace. Investments still revolve around products not the investor.

Capital market volatility and interconnected global markets challenge conventional tools and products. Trusted advisors, banks and mutual fund companies have abrogated their responsibility to each client by failing to address individual needs to meet the new reality.

The new generation investor is self-reliant, knowledgeable and driven.

PUR offers individual investors :

Tailored portfolio management solutions, from a fully-managed discretionary portfolio capability to providing sophisticated (ETF) screening tools and guidance for do-it-yourself investors.


  • Lower costs mean higher returns;
  • Smart management means managing your portfolio with less worry through ups and downs;
  • Risk floor means less anxiety particularly when things get crazy;
  • More information means knowing what's going on and how you're doing all the time;
  • Web-based link to manager means answers to your questions directly from the professional decision-makers.

Less worry, less anxiety and better understanding means more confidence.


Who Is PUR Investing

PUR Investing Inc, a software development firm and registered portfolio manager with the Ontario Securities Commission, is 100% owned by its principals. PUR is focused on getting individuals to their personal goals and improving their investment outcomes by using low cost products, like ETFs, and by monitoring and managing risk in a more systematic and disciplined way. 

 Mark Yamada, President & CEO of PUR Investing Inc.

Mark S. Yamada
President & CEO

In 1941, my father was an art student working in a photographic studio near Main and Powell Streets in downtown Vancouver. A mother and her young daughter from south-western Ontario had their portraits taken on their way to a summer vacation in California. When they returned a few months later...

Ioulia Tretiakova - VP & Director of Quantitative Strategies at PUR Investing Inc.

Ioulia Tretiakova
VP & Director, Quantitative Strategies

I was born in St. Petersburg, Russia. St. Petersburg is a very beautiful city but difficult to live in. In 1999, my parents decided to emigrate. They felt that there were greater opportunities for us in Canada. Prior to our departure, I'd spent two years at the State University of St. Petersburg studying economic cybernetics...


Bruce Hatt - Principal (Technology) of PUR Investing Inc.

Bruce Hatt

In 1999, I joined two other software engineers to start a company to develop software for the financial services industry. At the time, we believed that the reporting software available to the financial services industry was woefully inadequate...

Patricia Onyskiw - Principal of PUR Investing Inc.

Patricia Onyskiw

Our strength as a team comes from the fact that we all share the same value system. In a sentence or two, it comes down to something as simple as doing the right thing for your client. We have often said that if your clients are happy, everything else will be fine. Of course those values didn't just fall out of  the sky...






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